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- Do you currently accept payments? Yes/no

*If yes- Are you looking to get a better deal? 

*if yes - How do you currently accept payments (drop down tick box: in-store, online, remote, multichannel)

If In-store- how many terminals do you have and what type (quantity & method - mobile, broadband, phone line)

In-store - what contract length would you prefer: 30 day, 12,28,36,48,60 months?

In-store - would you prefer an unlocked terminal? 

If online - Do you have a bespoke CMS/ shopping cart or an off the shelf product? (drop down and search feature, bespoke or list of carts. Not listed? enter details here) 

General: It's sometimes less expensive having more than one supplier, Would you prefer all your services on one bill or don't mind multi servicing ? *

General: Who do you do your business banking with? 

* All questions/ answers will have a help ? to give further info.

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