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Based on what you told us, we would recommend:

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Merchant Account 

Credit: 0.7%

Debit 0.4%

Commercial: 1.7%

Based on what you said, we predict a monthly cost of £76 per month


Merchant Account 

All Cards 1.9%

*Billed by XYZ

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Payment Gateway 

£19 per month 

100 transactions included 

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Payment Link

*Included in payment gateway

£95.00/ Month 
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*Important. The pricing and non-price information contained in the quote is intended to be indicative.


The provider will need additional information and to undertake certain processes (such as ‘know-your-customer’ (KYC) and anti-money laundering checks)  in order to provide a contractual offer with binding pricing.


That said, as many of the key information items you have provided such as average transaction value, merchant category code, etc, the expectation is that the indicative pricing (and non-price factors) will be reasonably proximate to what the provider may offer on a binding basis.”

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