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Connect Your Clients With The Perfect
Payment Provider


We are always looking to partner with forward thinking companies and individuals who can utilise our revolutionary matching system and earn from these relationships. 

Joining our partner program means you won't have to worry about pricing clients, filling out paperwork or selecting the right provider.


We take care of all these details, provide you with automated payouts, a partner portal to track and refer clients.

You can then be rest assured with our intelligent matching solution your clients are always sourcing the best providers for their business. 

For You:

  • One source for all providers

  • Automated commissions

  • Partner portal

Partner Types

Comparison websites & Publishers:

We work with aggregators to provide a variety of payment products and services to SMEs, increasing loyalty and widening the breadth of your product and service offerings.

Accept Payments integrates directly with leading Payment Service Providers (PSP's) so that you don’t have to. Leverage our APIs and commercial relationships to give your customers direct access to the Payment Service Providers (PSP's) that best matches their needs, maximising conversion and introducer fees for you

Membership, franchise & trade associations:

Your member base can either sign up through your portal or direct with Accept Payments. We will collaboratively market to your base with either individual deals or a group deal with selected payment providers. 

Epos companies & Developers:

Whatever your integrations, we can support your clients with our solution. We work out the complicated Smart contract finder tool will find your merchants the best payment providers based on what you have already put in place for your clients and ear from the services they need to make your end project work. 

Sales agents:

Are you an experienced payment professional looking for a way to access the whole market? use our intelligent matching tools and industry knowledge to help merchants get the best deals. You earn from every new relationship without all the normal paperwork and pricing expectations. 


Get a referral link and send to your network. If they sign up to a service, you get a commission.

For your clients:

  • Instant quotes 

  • Instant approval* 

  • Merchant portal

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